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Who we are

At Systemethix, we put the Client first

We are an IT consulting services and a reseller company, providing infrastructure and cloud services end-to-end including server, storage, networking. We do more than just service IT, we are about maximising your data efficiency and using this information to create solutions that not only meet your needs today, but well into the future.

For us, it’s not just about driving better business outcomes for our clients. We are committed to supporting them every step of the way and giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing if an emergency strikes, they can count on us to have their back, day or night. And that our team will go above and beyond to help fix any critical issues and get them back in business straightaway.

Our Values

Systemethix is focused on providing industry-leading solutions combined with the highest level of expertise and experience. This evolves our IT customers’ services and ultimately provides them the means to innovate with data. We do this with commitment to our customer, team, partners and society that embraces values of accountability, integrity, teamwork, respect, innovation and social responsibility.

Our Focus

Data specialists

We help meet the challenges associated with the management, cost, architecture and protection of data assets. This provides the means to evolve or introduce services to accommodate new business use-cases through a software defined 3rd platform. It also allows our clients the means to embrace the benefits associated with cloud or big data services and improved business insights with analytics.

Together with our solution partners we offer expanded capabilities and a portfolio focused to meet the needs of our customers in the data centre market, including enterprise computing, storage solutions, virtualisation, enterprise software, unified communications, networking and security.

Our Quality

Systemethix Ltd has been ISO 9001 Quality Management certified for the last 3 years. This certification embodies several fundamental quality management characteristics, such as a strong customer-centric focus, active dedication, and senior leadership engagement.

Systemethix has developed a process-oriented strategy and a constant commitment to continuous improvement within the ISO 9001 framework.

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