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Systemethix & The University of Auckland Case Study - Unifiles Platform (Data Lake)

Culturally and technically, in Systemethix, The University of Auckland found the ideal fit for its growing infrastructure and data needs.

The challenge at hand

Data storage and management is a key requirement for any organisation in delivering their service. However, the needs of the higher education sector pose a unique set of challenges compared to many corporate businesses.

Those needs include vast volumes of research data and multiple departments requiring access to this data, as well as sensitive personal information on students and faculty. Since its foundation in 1883, The University of Auckland has grown to become the country’s flagship, research-led university.

This growth, along with newer challenges of remote working and learning, have intensified the demands on the institution’s IT infrastructure.

To deliver storage at such scale to the varying demands of this customer base, at a cost that is sustainable by the university is a complex task.

“We have a massive customer base of 60,000 students and teachers, and require many petabytes of storage.”

says John Askew, The University of Auckland’s Systems Architect.

Systemethix - the right fit

Systemethix fit into the university’s infrastructure team like a glove from the start, having worked together in previous years.

“When we moved our services to Systemethix, we had previously been working with Marcus as the designer and deployer of our IBM system architecture.”

says John Askew, The University of Auckland’s Systems Architect.

The expertise that the Systemethix team brings to the table has been crucial to the management of our large-scale data needs, minimising manual effort and maximising our return on investment.

When technology meets service

Systemethix is key to providing the university’s teachings. Not only have they set up a platform that is stable and meets the demand, but they’ve also brought with them a service culture that is integral to the institution’s needs.

“We know there are good people at the end of the other line who have the university’s best interests in mind,” says Stephen Ward, Infrastructure Services Portfolio Manager.

“This is the repository of university research, which is the lifeblood of the institution. It all works very differently from commercial organisations and a partner that gets this difference is worth their weight in gold. Systemethix do.”

Systemethix has established itself as an extended team to the university.

When technology meets service

This partnered approach to infrastructure services management with Systemethix has eased the pressure on the university’s IT department in managing its infrastructure services. “They have the required resource base to fit all our needs, making life easier,” says Stephen.

Through their knowledge of IBM & other vendors solutions, Systemethix also provide the best insights into various approaches, as well as the cost, compliance and security considerations of various solutions before making a choice that is the best for the university.

This partnership has been critical to delivering the universities value, and only set to grow stronger.