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Build foundations for success with IBM Storage Fusion

As the complexity of modern IT infrastructure increases, it’s increasingly difficult for IT teams to stay on top of it all. Maintaining legacy virtual machine infrastructure – alongside containerised storage – can be costly, time consuming and potentially, error-prone. Ad-hoc, manual maintenance can also expose an organisation to unnecessary levels of security and compliance risk. While most IT leaders recognise the importance of migrating to new, cloud native infrastructure, it can also be hard to know where to start.

Discover the smart, simple way to prepare for a cloud native future with an IBM Fusion HCI system – a fully integrated, turnkey platform for running and maintaining all of your on-premises Red Hat OpenShift applications.

Why Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Storage Fusion?

Offering an enterprise hybrid cloud platform for containerised workloads, Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Storage Fusion delivers essential infrastructure scalability, reliability and ease-of maintenance. It also provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to consolidate your infrastructure in the cloud.

IBM Storage Fusion

Accelerate time to value

Integrates hardware, Red Hat OpenShift and data services, eliminating compatibility issues and reducing setup time – enabling you to get your containerised applications up and running in record time for faster innovation and reduced time-to-market.

Reduce total cost of ownership by up to 83%*

Simplifies infrastructure and data services for OpenShift applications by enabling platform engineers to centrally manage OpenShift, streamline operations, optimise resource utilisation and reduce operational complexities and costs.

Improve productivity

Simplifies infrastructure management for platform engineers, empowering developers to focus on coding and innovation, and promoting collaboration between both groups through a standardised, streamlined environment.

Mitigate risk

Enhances application availability and reduces risks of network and storage-related issues. A dedicated high-speed internal network paired with NVMe storage ensures performance goals are met. Robust data replication paired with failover strategies, ensure uninterrupted availability of mission-critical applications.

Why partner with Systemethix?

We are a unique enterprise IT system integrator with highly specialised skills in enterprise infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Offering decades of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses seeking
to optimise their IT infrastructure and leverage the power of industry-leading technologies like Red Hat and IBM Storage Fusion.

Deep expertise

Our experienced specialists can help you address complex challenges your in-house team or external consultants
can’t resolve.

Quality solutions

We partner with leading vendors, and apply enterprise-grade best practices and gold standards, to ensure we always get the best results for our clients.


We understand the growing
importance of implementing robust, agile infrastructure to support the transition to cloud-native systems and applications.


Preparing your infrastructure for growth

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