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Horacio Miranda

Junior Technical Consultant

“A Civil Engineer IT working as Linux Guru to help customers resolve issues, teaching best practices and sharing knowledge to elevate the customer to the next level, putting all the 30 years of experience at your disposition.”


Horacio joined systemethix with the idea of helping customers improve their systems.
Over the last 20 years I had the privilege to work in the most complex systems that the IT industry may offer, from the beginning I discovered a passion for IT documentation  for PROD deployments, making testing scripts to ensure University assignments were done properly. Applied these principles at my first job working within the bank industry, police of Chile and the ID card of Chilean citizens, at NZ I had the privilege to work on transportation industry leading transformations and migrations from legacy Oracle platforms into Linux running on supported O.S. versions, creating test environments for production deployments reducing the risk of outages. Horacio’s strengths are in line with SRE (Site Reliable Engineer), finding the root of the problems and resolving them. Ability to resolve P1 quickly and narrow down possible options to put in place works arounds to ensure customer experience are meet, testing platforms with stress testing on mind to ensure capacity planning are properly estimated using statistical approach to extrapolate with accuracy heavy loads when is possible, having over 8 years of experience as Oracle DBA and other open source databases like postgresql and mysql, Studying Civil Software Engineer give me a set of skills that allow me to help customers that needs to optimize configurations and setups to use less servers for the same workload.
In my personal space, I play chess when possible on Mondays in the city, learning piano and the future is the guitar.
Let’s talk to know what we can do for your business and how the team is able to help your business reduce your server fleet by optimizing resources.