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Harold Hao

Technical Consultant (Linux Specialist)

“Harold is a back-end guy always keen to find how different techs work. He enjoys working with technical people from different areas as well as clients who know the business better.”


Harold joined Systemethix in August 2022. He is an experienced System Specialist and Database Administrator with skills in big range of operation systems and Database products.
Over the years working in IT he has worked with MS Windows, IRIS, AIX, HP-UX, Tru64 and different distributions of Linux systems including Red Hat, Oracle Linux and Suse Linux. 

He has managed Oracle databases from version 7 to 19c with RAC on both Windows and Unix-based systems as well as other database products MS SQL, MYSql and no-sql databases.

He is a team player with positive attitude and enjoys working with IT and non-IT members to solve problems.